Work Site Safety

The Area’s Leading, Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder Closes its Design/Build “Checklist” Article Series with an Important Message for All

At Masters Properties, we take pride in helping our customers every way possible, and we hope our “Checklist Series” of planning and building articles from the most-trusted, Pinehurst, NC general contractor provided you with much useful information. For our final words, we feel it’s important to end our series with some common sense tips on:


We’re proud of our very long list of 100% satisfied homeowners who chose us as their highly experienced, Moore County, NC general contractor. Our experience has taught us much, including the fact that nearly all homeowners – family and friends in tow – tend to make nearly daily visits to the job site. Of course, we always welcome our visitors, though you might want to consider leaving the “toddlers” with a sitter because any construction site has its “built-in” perils.

We’re exceptionally proud of our outstanding and virtually unblemished reputation for job site safety for workers and visitors alike. And for optimal visiting safety, after working hours and a thorough site cleanup is the ideal time for everyone to stop by. And that’s sound advice from a Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder who places 24/7 job site safety right at the top of our priority list.

Your Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder Asks Everyone to “Please Watch Your Step”

As we said, all construction sites have inherent dangers that can lead to minor or even deadly accidents. It’s important to keep young children at your side at all times, and everyone must (literally) “watch their step”. As but one example, temporary staircases can be overly steep and may lack a handrail to help keep you safe. Any expert, Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder will tell you that window “openings” that have no “windows” means everyone needs to use extra caution when admiring the view. It’s also easy to bump your head on a temporary wall brace you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter in a finished room.

Any Conscientious, Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder Will Tell You a Clean Worksite is a Safer Place to Be

Many builders simply don’t take the time or make the effort to perform a thorough job site cleanup at the end of each workday – as a result, all manner of “trip or slip and fall” hazards abound. As a “safety-minded”, Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder, we always take the time to clean up behind ourselves before calling it a day, and a well-organized and “broom clean” job site greatly enhances visitor safety.

We want you to know all about worksite safety, and if you’re still looking for the area’s most-trusted, Moore County, NC general contractor, contact Masters Properties to learn why we are the “right” and “safety-first” builder for you. Go right ahead and get in touch because all of us here can’t wait to meet you!

This article is one of many in our series of Checklist Articles.