Solar Power

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At Masters Properties, we stay fully abreast of all custom home related, building materials and construction technique technologies. This includes a “long ago” technology breakthrough that is now in widespread use around the corner or around the globe. There’s no shortage of sunshine in our region, which is why the area’s most-respected, Moore County, NC general contractor suggests that you consider a renewable energy source for a “Green Dream House” – solar power.

You don’t need a Pinehurst, NC homebuilder to tell you about skyrocketing energy bills because your local letter carrier delivers that bad news every month. Can “sun power” reduce the amount of your electric bill? Absolutely, and solar power is no longer the exotic rarity of only a decade or so ago. In fact, solar panels can now be seen in mobile home communities and just about everywhere else you look.

As a Well-Trusted, Moore County, NC Homebuilder, We’ll Give You the Unbiased Facts on Solar Power for Your New Home

It has been estimated that the average American homeowner pays approximately $600.00 (or more) a year just to keep a home’s hot water at temperature 24/7/365. With that fact in mind, it’s no wonder that solar roof panels and free-standing solar arrays are popping up like daisies across the nation. As a 21st century, Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder, we’ve been involved with smaller-sized, roof-mounted solar panels for domestic hot water only, as well as sophisticated and “rotational” solar panels that turn to follow the sun and utilize storage batteries for cloudy days.

Today, you can purchase a complete solar panel system that can power your entire home with enough energy left over to sell back to your utility company. The costs for “prepackaged” solar systems can be high, but “payback time” projections have been shortened as energy prices continue to skyrocket. As a regionally-favored, Moore County, NC homebuilder, we can only state for certain that solar power is renewable and green power that will greatly reduce your family’s “residential carbon footprint”.

There’s a Lot to Know

If you’d like to know much more about the solar power possibilities for your new home, contact Masters Properties and speak with one of our “sun power” experts. We genuinely look forward to hearing from you!

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