Purchasing Your Home Site Land

Our “Checklist” Articles Offer Helpful, Design/Build Advice from the Areas’ Most-Trusted, Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder

At Masters Properties, we have deep roots in the regional community because of our role as a leading, Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder. This means there are a lot of good folks in our area whose roof over their head had been built by us. To serve our valued customers from start to finish, we offer our “Checklist Series” of articles to help future “Dream Home” owners keep track of the entire design/build process that includes:


Some folks are so anxious to build their new home they put the “cart before the horse”. One example would be starting the blueprints before the purchase of the home site land. As a highly experienced, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder, we believe the process, ideally, should be the other way around. The best possible design/build outcomes are typically achieved when your architect can personally “walk the land” to better understand any challenges the site itself presents.

As a leading, Pinehurst, NC general contractor, we can point to numerous reasons why the above is true, including but not limited to your home designer obtaining optimal solar, view, privacy, driveway approach, and other “home siting” information that can greatly affect any custom home design. In short, it typically makes more sense to plan a home that “fits the land” as opposed to finding land (if you can) that “accommodates the home”.

We Applaud Your Decision to Choose Us as Your Moore County, NC General Contractor, and We Would Be Delighted to Help Any Way We Can

We also think it makes sense to choose your Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder before you buy the land. Why is that, you ask? Quite simply, as in our case, decades of design/build experience can be of great benefit when you’re looking at land offerings with an expert, Moore County, NC general contractor at your side. We can quickly point out many of the pros and cons of any prospective home site, and it just makes sense to have a professional builder’s advice before you sign on the dotted line.

When you do find a home site that everyone agrees is “Just right”, it’s time to hire an attorney to conduct an up-to-date title search that will, among other important functions, reveal any liens against the property. Your attorney will ensure lawful deed assignment, investigate zoning restrictions or homeowner association related issues and much more. As any expert, Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder will tell you, there’s always more to purchasing your new home site than first meets the eye.

Yes, there is a lot to know about the design/build process from start to finish, which is why you should contact Masters Properties today to learn much more about the planning of your future “Dream Home”. All of us here can’t wait to meet you!

This article is one of many in our series of Checklist Articles.