Permits and Zoning Regulations

Your “Dream Home” Will Soon Become a Reality, and the Area’s Best, Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder Offers its “Checklist” of Design/Build Articles to Lend You a Hand

At Masters Properties, we have a long history of making custom designed home dreams come true. With over 26 years of experience as a well-respected, Pinehurst, NC general contractor, we know the design/build business from A to Z. And for future “Dream Home” owners who have lots of questions about the entire process, we offer our “Checklist Series” of articles that include our brief outline of:


The planning of your new home is an exciting adventure, but the “details” are nearly countless and oftentimes confusing. Purchasing land, selecting an architect and well-trusted, Moore County, NC general contractor – thank you for choosing us – have all been complex tasks that have occupied nearly every spare minute of your time. And now there are the permits and numerous zoning regulations to “wade through”, but, since you selected us as your Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder, we’d be delighted to give you a hand with “the paperwork”.

Your custom designed home comes complete with a stack of oftentimes perplexing forms to complete for the house itself, outbuildings, septic system, and you’ll even need a separate permit if your “Dream Home” plans include a swimming pool. This is where a highly experienced, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder (us) can help you with building permit construction specification information, as well as work closely with your architect to explain numerous zoning regulations and much more.

Your Pinehurst, NC Custom Homebuilder Will Help You Get the “Paperwork” Just Right

Building and septic permits are fairly straightforward, but, more importantly, town zoning regulations, as well as any applicable Homeowner Association requirements must be fully understood and followed “to the letter”. As but one example, your “property lines” do not define what is known as the “building envelope” (the area within which you can build any type of structure including a swimming pool. This envelope is defined by what are known as “setbacks” that essentially tell you precisely how close to your property line you can build your home, storage sheds, barn, etc. As a highly experienced and leading, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder, we recognize the importance of strict adherence to all zoning regulations, and we strongly suggest that you hire a licensed surveyor to locate and precisely map your home’s building envelope. A serious miscalculation here could result in “tearing down the house”.

You Selected the Best, Pinehurst, NC Custom Homebuilder

We’re proud of our outstanding reputation as the area’s leading, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder, and we’ll get you through the paperwork just fine. If you don’t know us yet, contact Masters Properties at your earliest convenience to learn all about us. We genuinely can’t wait to hear from you!

This article is one of many in our series of Checklist Articles.