On Time and On Budget

When it Comes to Choosing the Right, Pinehurst, NC Custom Home Builder, Five Short Words are Important – “On-Time and On-Budget”

We’ve all heard stories on the news about countless public works or other large projects that are tens (or hundreds) of million dollars over budget and a promised completion date moved well into the future. This same problem, on a typically much smaller scale, is far too often encountered on a remodeling, custom home construction, commercial construction or other building project. While there are unavoidable circumstances that can cause time and cost overruns, they should be the rare exception and not the rule.

Jon Potter is a well-respected, Wake and Moore County, NC custom home builder whose family-owned business, Masters Properties, has an exceptional track record for providing homeowners with always superior quality construction services that are consistently “on-time and on-budget”. People say that “actions speak louder than words”, and they certainly do. And as a highly conscientious, Moore and Wake County, NC builder, our “actions” have resulted in countless “good words” spoken in our favor. Talk to your friends and neighbors about Masters Properties, and you will soon learn about a company with an unsurpassed reputation for timely project completions for an “as promised” cost that contains no unpleasant, financial surprises.

What’s the Formula for Timely and Affordable, Custom Home Construction? Talk to a Dependable and Expert, Raleigh, NC Builder Who Speaks from Experience

Jon Potter has nearly a quarter century experience in nearly all types of building projects that include additions, remodeling, relatively minor to “extreme” home makeovers, new custom home construction, commercial construction projects and much more. This extensive experience has taught Masters Properties countless valuable lessons that can only be learned over time. One invaluable lesson learned is that time and cost overruns can almost always be avoided.

First and foremost, you want to work with a Pinehurst, NC custom home builder who recognizes the critical importance of thoughtful, comprehensive, and detailed architectural planning. Lengthy time delays and significant cost overruns are frequently caused by inadequate or poor planning that can result in an endless series of changes that slow everyone down – projected, custom home construction costs go right through the proverbial “roof”.

To Become an Area-Leading, Raleigh, NC Custom Builder, there are “Many” Lessons to Learn

Time and “budget-busting” delays can be avoided in a number of ways. For example, a thorough and comprehensive home site examination can help to avoid unexpected problems during the very costly excavation process. Close monitoring of materials pricing and an awareness of widely anticipated price increases will lead to a far more accurate cost projection. Extensive custom home construction experience allows for facilitating optimal workforce productivity and efficiency. Combine all this with expert contingency planning and much more and you’ll understand why Masters Properties is the Southern Pines, NC custom home builder you want to work with. If you demand on-time and on budget construction services of any kind, contact Masters Properties and we’ll show you how it’s done. We greatly look forward to meeting you!