Storm Shelters

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Everyone has their own opinion on “climate change”, but everybody agrees that severe and record-breaking weather related disasters now occur with alarming regularity, cost this country hundreds of billions of dollars in property damage each year, as well as take a tragic toll in priceless lives lost. As a Moore County, NC general contractor with over a quarter-century of experience, we now see a significant increase in the number of custom designed homes that incorporate hurricane and tornado-proof, precast concrete storm shelter rooms into the master floor plan.

Today, severe, unprecedented, and potentially deadly “weather events” were once known as “100 year storms”, but they now seem to occur on a near monthly basis. When tornadoes threaten Vermont, a state recently devastated by “Tropical Storm Irene”, that doesn’t bode well for those of us in Southern states where “killer storms” are fast becoming the norm. This is why any experienced and expert, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder is becoming familiar with the floor plan inclusion of a potentially life-saving, weather disaster “storm shelter room” in today’s custom designed homes.

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A potentially life-threatening weather event can strike nearly any part of this country with only a few minutes warning. With a properly designed and installed storm shelter room that can withstand winds of 200 MPH or more, life saving safety can be a few seconds away at the end of a bedroom wing hall. Talk to the area’s most trusted, Moore County, NC general contractor about today’s precast concrete storm shelters that are not built for comfort, but for the safety of you and your loved ones. Behind an ordinary door that may appear to be a hall closet, there is a heavy gauge steel door designed to save lives when there are only minutes (or seconds) to take shelter.

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