Neighborhood Associations

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In urban areas, you know them as the “Condo Board”, a select group of condominium owners who form a governing panel that oversees the many rules and regulations pertaining to condo ownership and homeowner behaviors. In many suburban or even rural areas, such governing organizations are known as “Homeowner Associations” that formulate and tend to strictly enforce the oftentimes numerous rules where you’d like to live. Any highly experienced, Moore County, NC general contractor will tell you that Homeowner Associations can be all powerful, some are “over the top” micromanaged, and all have bylaws that are legally binding.

Homeowner Association rules can dictate everything from the color scheme of your home and any outbuildings (if permitted) to fencing to parking regulations (no RVs allowed) to pet ownership (no livestock please) and pet behaviors – no excessive barking and strict leash laws – to much more including the actual design and location of your new home, both of which must be “signed off on” by the association’s leadership before any construction can begin. As a Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder with over a quarter-century of experience, we know all about Homeowner Associations that perform many useful functions, but, in some rare instances, you’re better off buying land elsewhere.

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A Homeowner Association’s stated goal, first and foremost, is to protect and preserve neighboring property values – no junk cars on cinderblocks allowed – which is a good thing. Prior to the purchase of any land, however, be certain that you and your attorney carefully review the many “Homeowner Association Bylaws” that could cancel a land purchase because the “Association” hates the proposed color of your roof shingles.

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Some Homeowner Associations are absolutely tyrannical in their rule, and if you’d like to learn more about them from the area’s leading, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder, contact Master Properties and we’ll fill you in on all the details. Get in touch – all of us here can’t wait to meet you!

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