Making Custom Home Changes Economically

In Order To Help You with the Custom Planning of Your Future “Dream Home”, the Area’s Most-Trusted, Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder Offers “Checklist” Articles as a Design/Build Guide

At Masters Properties, we’re fully committed to achieving an outstanding result on every residential, design/build project. With decades of custom home building experience behind us, your best choice of a Pinehurst, NC general contractor is delighted to offer its “Checklist Series” of articles intended to direct your attention to the many design/build issues that can affect any “Dream Home” project, including:


As a highly experienced, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder, we’ve been in the design/build business for over a quarter-century. Over all those years, we can’t remember the last time (if there ever was one) when “last minute” changes weren’t requested by the homeowner, designer or both. Nobody gets it 100% right on the drawing board, and an individual’s “great new idea” for their custom home simply must be part of the finished project. This is inevitable, but to keep the job on time, and as close as possible to on-budget is everyone’s desire.

The issue now is how to minimize the cost of construction changes while the project is in “full swing”, and one way to achieve that goal is to not wait until “the very last minute” to request a minor or major departure from the blueprints as drawn. In other words, the sooner any changes are requested the better. Obviously (as an extreme example to make a point), a homeowner shouldn’t wait until the house has been framed before requesting a major change to its foundation. Any expert, Moore County, NC general contractor can make just about any changes “happen”, but at what cost both in time and money?

Ask any Highly Experienced, Pinehurst, NC Custom Homebuilder about “Very” Last Minute Deviations from the Plans, and You Will Consistently Be Told the Cost Could Be Very High

As we said, it’s a “given” that someone will always have a “design inspiration” during the construction of their custom home. It’s always helpful if numerous walls don’t have to be torn down to achieve the desired alteration, particularly if those walls are “load bearing”. Another good example is changing the size of a window or door opening. Making an opening smaller can easily be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes or less, but making a (load bearing) opening larger could take a small truckload of lumber and potentially days of additional labor costs. In short, please do not wait until the “very” last minute to present your request for a change.

There’s quite a lot to know about the design/build process, and if you contact Masters Properties at your earliest convenience, we’ll be delighted to fill you in on everything you need to know about your future “dream Home”. Get in touch anytime, we genuinely can’t wait to meet you!

This article is one of many in our series of Checklist Articles.