Interior and Exterior Soundproofing

Your “Dream Home” Design is about to Begin – Before You Start, Have a Look at Our Design/Build “Checklist” Articles from a Leading, Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder

At Masters Properties, we know the design phase of your future “Dream Home” is an exciting time. If you want the construction phase to be a success, the area’s most trusted, Pinehurst, NC general contractor recommends that the finished blueprints attempt to address all livability issues, including solutions related to:


You just love your new home site – the nearest neighbor isn’t too close because you enjoy your “peace and quiet”. If you find out too late, however, that your neighbor’s dog howls like a wolf every day at the crack of dawn and there’s nothing you can do about it, you might wish you had considered additional exterior soundproofing during the “long gone” design phase. As a highly experienced, Moore County, NC custom homebuilder, we can tell you that a barking dog is only one of many sounds that can disturb, and yes, exterior soundproofing would have been a great idea “way back when”.

There are a number of ways to significantly enhance the soundproofing of your home. If you’re really serious and want near absolute silence, it can be done. Some custom homes are built with 2X8 (vs. 2X6) exterior walls with 2×6 studs innovatively staggered to reduce drywall screw noise transmission. Such a wall is also uniquely insulated in a variety of effective and extremely energy efficient ways (an extra bonus), and utilize an additional, sound absorbent substrate beneath 5/8″ thick drywall. When you ask any expert, Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder about exterior openings, they will no doubt recommend acoustically superior, triple pane glazed windows and specially designed soundproof doors.

Ask Your Leading, Moore County, NC General Contractor about “Interior” Soundproofing

Your teenaged son loves to play the drums whenever he can, and his rock band rehearses regularly in the attached garage. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quietly read a book in the nearby living room at the same time? Bathroom, bedroom, and other living area sound issues frequently arise in many custom designed homes. You have no desire to be kept awake by a late night “Action Movie” on a living room TV blasting at high volume. As a highly experienced, Pinehurst, NC homebuilder, we hear lots of reports – after the fact – about acoustic issues that should have been addressed when the blueprints had been drawn.

Talk to Your Leading, Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder – and That Would Be Us – about Noise Abatement in Your Future “Dream Home”

There’s a lot to know about custom designed and built homes, and when you contact Masters Properties, we’ll schedule a meeting and share the expertise of a Pinehurst, NC general contractor with over a quarter-century of experience. All of us can’t wait to “hear” from you!

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