Interior and Exterior Paint and Stain

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At Masters Properties, our decades of experience in custom home design and construction can be of great benefit to anyone who’s planning their future “Dream Home”. Our “Checklist Series” of design/build articles from a well-trusted, Pinehurst, NC general contractor will help you to keep track of the many important decisions you’ll have to make, including your new homes’:


Few people would disagree with the opinion that exterior home maintenance is an expense and a “bother” every homeowner could do without. To minimize the time and money needed to keep your beautiful home looking good as new, any experienced, Moore County, NC general contractor will tell you there are some good design/build choices you can make.

Brick or stone clad homes offer the least amount of exterior maintenance, but the cost is high. A very popular and more affordable solution is cedar clapboard siding that is allowed to “weather” naturally to a variety of colors or kept looking brand new with a clear preservative coating applied every 2-3 years. Cedar clapboard siding is perhaps the ultimate and affordable low maintenance choice if you rule out vinyl siding, an option not commonly recommended by any Pinehurst, NC builder of custom designed homes. As a warning, if your home requires repainting soon after completion because of bubbles and cracks, this could mean the siding lacks “back priming”, a home construction disaster that could result in an insurance claim.

A Time and Money Saving – Interior Paint and Stain – Tip From Your Moore County, NC Custom Homebuilder

Unfortunately, interior painting and staining is not the very last job done to complete your new home. In fact, any Moore County, NC general contractor will tell you that most interior painting is done long before countless workers have caused enough minor damage to require “touch ups” in every room. If you chose a ceramic-based or “eggshell” interior paint, you’ll find that “touch ups” are nearly impossible to do and the entire room must be repainted. Instead, use a high quality, latex-based primer and a minimum of two, latex-based finish coats that can be touched up with little effort, though, we do recommend oil-based paint for all ¾ or full baths due to moisture issues. For wood trim, latex paint and stain are also your best bet, and if your trim is stained, be sure to include two coats of polyurethane to properly seal the wood.

There’s a lot to know about painting and staining your new home, far more than we have room to discuss here. To learn much more about the entire design/build process from a leading, Pinehurst, NC custom homebuilder, contact Masters Properties any time. We’re quite certain you’ll be very glad you did!

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