Green Construction

Green Construction Means an “Earth and Energy Budget Friendly” New Home – Now Work with a “Certified Green Professional” and Leading, Pinehurst, NC Custom Home Builder

Residential energy costs continue to skyrocket to nearly “stratospheric” heights with no foreseeable end in sight. For this reason and equally important environmental concerns, “green construction” continues to soar in popularity. Greatly reduced monthly utility bills aside, millions of Americans also wish to do their part to reduce the strain on the planet’s finite, non-renewable energy resources. In other words, green construction is right for you and your family. And when it comes to choosing an expert in energy efficient construction, Jon Potter is the Moore and Wake County, NC custom home builder you want to work with.

Jon’s well-respected and family-owned construction business, Masters Properties, is exceptionally proud of its “Certified Green Professional” (CGP) designation, as well as its certification as an “Energy Star” approved builder, and finally, you’ll work with a Wake and Moore County, NC custom home builder who is a leading member of the Moore County Home Builder’s Association’s “Moore Green Council” (MGC). All of these green construction organizations demand of their members a superior knowledge and use of energy efficient materials and building practices that can save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the lifetime of a typical 30 year mortgage.

Green Construction Let’s Us All Breathe Just a Little Bit Easier – Choose a Wake and Moore County, NC Custom Home Builder Who Makes Energy Efficiency a Top Priority

Not only will you breathe a healthier sigh of relief when you open your monthly utility bills, but significantly reduced energy use “nationwide” means cleaner and healthier air for all of us. And there’s more to green construction than cleaner air – much more. For example, green construction also focuses on the use of wood products from properly managed and efficiently renewable forest resources.

Green Construction Doesn’t Have to Cost More – Ask a Leading, Raleigh, NC Custom Home Builder Why

There is a common misconception that energy efficient construction will significantly drive up the cost of custom home construction. And while it’s true that “extreme green” buildings that are wholly energy self sufficient can be quite costly, many successful green building efforts come down to good old fashioned “common sense”, as well as tried and true construction practices that have been known for years. Some examples are: the careful and expert placement of insulation – poor workmanship during a home’s critically important insulation phase can leave gaps that waste energy; the use of today’s virtually airtight doors and windows; proper solar orientation; conscientious caulking, and numerous other, good building practices all add up to a highly energy efficient and “truly affordable” home from a Pinehurst, NC custom home builder who knows that building “green” doesn’t have to cost more. Contact Masters Properties today to learn a lot more about energy efficient custom home construction that let’s all of us breathe just a little bit easier. We genuinely look forward to meeting you!